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Trade for Living - TPS Mentorship Program

Last Updated 24Jun18


TPS HS Live Trading session 25Jun18 Monday 1.30pm to 545pm


TPS HS Live Trading session 24July18 Tuesday 1.30pm to 545pm

TPS HS Basic Full Course   8Aug18 Wed 645pm to 930pm
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If you want something you've never had, then you have to do something you've never done.

Trade for living or create 2nd source of income? Are you disappointed with spending years in trading Forex still unable to get consistent profit? It may be time for you to look at other instrument and other system that can help you to achieve consistent trading profit result. 5Loaves and 2Fishes (50 pt to 200 pt) is our daily profit target. "One good trade a day is enough".

Turning Point System (TPS) "恒指变盘点" is guaranteed not found elsewhere and very practical. It is developed by myself over 10 years of full time trading and research. It has incorporated price action, market psychology and precision timing on entry and exit. It has 7 super high probability, high accuracy and high expectancy ratio strategies which can help you to achieve +50 to +200 point daily to create 2nd source of income in less than an hour a day.


"恒指变盘点" 即日炒賣恒指期貨分兩時段
1. 915am 開市 一小时
2. 5.15pm 收盘

It is extremely simple and suitable for traders who do not want to wait for signals and just want to place one or two trades a day in the morning & one in the evening after 515pm.

This is an online learning and mentoring program for Hang Seng Futures Index Trading

You will receive 
180 pages HS TPS course note plus 
120 pages case studies plus 
Trading Journal excel spreadsheet plus
Daily Pre-Open Market Trading Plan plus
HS TPS inner circle trading group guided daily plus
No yearly and No monthly subscription fee plus
3-hour classroom session or recorded videos plus
2-hour revision & live trading session plus
12 months support and access to TPS inner circle trading group

What you will learn from this course with HS TPS course note:
1. Keys to Success Trading
2. Trading Journal
3. Positive Expectancy
4. Hang Seng Futures Contract
5. Charting
6. Hang Seng Turning Point System with 7 strategies
7. Case Studies 
8. Plus Daily Pre Open Market Brief
9. Plus 12 months access to private inner circle Hang Seng facebook trading group

Payment via bank internet or ATM transfer S$599 to POSB saving account 037-01819-8

For overseas traders, you can join the Hang Seng Trading program at US$449 by clicking below paypal button or send paypal payment to meetupsing@gmail.com
Email a copy of the receipt to meetupsing@gmail.com. Please allow 1 to 2 day for verification and setup your facebook trading room access. Course note and case studies will email to successful participant with payment.

For experience traders and existing HS TPS traders who want to bring your trading skill to  
Advance Level, sign up the Advance TPS course at http://AdvanceTPS.blogspot.sg/
 For those prefer classroom session email to meetupsing@gmail.com subject title "TPS Classroom schedule date" for detail.

For enquiry email to meetupsing@gmail.com or via facebook private message to "HangSengTrading" https://www.facebook.com/HangSengTrading

This is not a scalping but a simple and high success rate trading system. Each strategy only for one entry daily. You will only need to have 0 to maximum 3 trades a day out of 7 strategies. HS TPS focus mainly on opening hour (9am to 10am) and profit is usually done by less than an hour.
 For those who are working there are 3 strategies you can place pending order after market open 915am or 4 strategies after 515pm without disrupting your work schedule.

I have been using it in the past, and still using it currently, plus will still be using it in future as it has been able to achieve consistent profit over weeks or months. It is using market psychology and precision timing for entry and exit.

Why is the course fee so cheap? I believe that trainer should make money from the market and not from people's pocket. I have never intended to teach and share. However, I feel greatly blessed and highly favored if I can benefit a small batch of people who want to generate daily income from trading. I considered that I have done my little bit to make other traders life better.

Hang Seng Turning Point System Monthly Trading Result
註: 以下例子純屬作教育用途, 和即市實戰的結果並不代表將來表現
Detail break down by day can be view at HSI Trading Journal

This program is based on TRADE to Learn principle where you, the trader, learn to master the skills and trading methodologies in LIVE Markets and Live Trading Learning environment.

This is a learning program and not a signal providing program. After two weeks you would be able to see the signal same as the trainer and able to enter trades by yourself. All rules for entry and exit will be given to you after paying up the course fee.

By following forward day to day live trading in private facebook trading group, you will learn much faster than just given a set of history chart without follow up. Should you unable to access any day due to your other work commitment or schedule, you can always login to check later as all the daily charts posting are archived and never erased.
What the student feedback at http://hangsengtradingcourse.blogspot.sg/

Easy to Learn - 5 Simple Trading Strategies
Easy to Start - with demo account to do simulated trading safely without risking real money

Still have a lot of questions?  More Q&A at HS TPS Q&A

=============  Recommended Brokers =============================== 
For new traders you may want to trade on demo ac or micro lot via some CFD or MT4 brokers:
CMC Markets  6559 6000 Michelle Gabriel m.gabriel@cmcmarkets.com or Amy Leem A.Leem@cmcmarkets.com or Oriano Lissa  O.Lizza@cmcmarkets.com (S$3k)

Price comparison with other trading program:
http://www.powerupcapital.com/pt/                    S$888 x 12 mths = S10,656
http://www.forexundress.com/                            S$400 x 12 mths = $4,800
JF Lennon JWT Mastery  Jimmy Wong             S$5,388  (limited time 1-for-1 Nov15)
OptionPundit   2-day                                           S$4,997  (25-26Apr15)
Ronald K StockMarketMindGames 2-day          S$4,000
Marcus Tay Russell 2000 Futures 3-day course  S$3,800  (Oct15)
Thomas Yin Online Guru Trader 2-day               S$2,997
Mario Singh Forex Accelerator  3-day                S$2,497   (23-25Oct15)
Tom Yuen Currency or Futures Trading 2-day    S$2,200 (Oct15)
Ezekiel Chew Forex Course 2-day                      S$2,500 (special rate S$1,497  9-10May15)
Capitol Trading Services mentoring                    S$2,250
Donova Ang Financial & Technical 2-day          S$1,688
Jeff Sun scanner subscription (per year)              S$798 

HS TPS with daily facebook trading group      S$599 (or US$449) only!

For experience traders and existing HS TPS traders who want to bring your trading skill to  
Advance Level, sign up the Advance TPS course at http://hangsengadvance.blogspot.sg/

Review and feedback from participants

LYT: Good strategy. Workable strategy. Students can replicate teacher's success because of simplicity. "life skill benefits". Plenty of hand holding to ensure success. Trade recommendation on a daily basis can sharpen students observation of market conditions. It is much better than "tips". Very valuable.
DC:   Wow very powerful strategies. Thanks boss for the strat. So far I only practice 3 of them but working superb. Stocks too slow and not everyday can play. Hsi works best for me.  I understand the strats quite well already. Your strategy is much simpler and more profitable too
RY:   It's very good workshop. I like the way you teach very easy going style, no ego lol. And the strats are good I like cos only work morning period. Make or don't make all is done by morning first hour opening.

JN:  I have been studying yr strategies last week after receiving yr note and found that they are all workable. Now is to build my confidence level to trade according to yr rules. Yr workshop is perfect for me not only the methods but also the emotions and money management. Thanks. 
SK:   The strategies are easy to apply and fantastic. Don't have to spend too much time for me. 
LEW: Good. Juz I got some habits from other strategy that I must consciously not apply in HS. Once I mentally aware, it is actually like what u said, boring n straight forward. Let the law of probabilities win in my favour. Count me in if u got any more strageties to conduct.
PSH: Your case study slides are clear and easily comprehensible and I found them really useful to me.

KC:   Your strategy works fine. It is encouraging to see the strategy at work
 TSC:  After I join HSI, I have not traded Forex anymore. Definitely HSI can make more $$$ then Forex
 AF:   Very systematic way to make money. I love it
 LYT:  Good value for money. I have attended many courses and this is the only one can really make money. 
  SL:    Thank you. I profited virgin trade of 67 pts. I am starting to get the hang of the strategies

JO:   Good and simple strategy, easy to understand and implement
 CC:  Useful information to go back and apply 
AW:  Good knowledge. So far quite good, positive result if I just focus on 915 am to 10 am trades.
MY:  So far i only try the one of the strategies. So far so good.
EC:   Good experience sharing

Review and feedback from participants 

If you want something you've never had, then you have to do something you've never done.


Risk Disclosure: Trading foreign exchange and futures derivatives on margin carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Trading through an online platform carries additional risks. You must consult your broker to fully understand the risk level before entering live trader program.


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